Why are some foods addictive ?

Ever since this lockdown this situation started, I was kind of happy about staying at home all the time and I started working out a lot and doing everything healthy. I exercised to a point that my sister came told me to stop and that I was overdoing it.

But after a point I realised this staying at home vacation is not for a short time and we have no idea that when is all of this going to end and I slowly steadily stopped working out and started overeating like really lot.

 After  waking up in the morning I didn’t work out and because of that I didn’t feel hungry to eat breakfast and because I didn’t eat breakfast, I started eating  some junk food  right in the morning. Which is not like myself  at all because I at least make sure that I start my day with eating something wholesome which is not processed. I hated myself so much for it. I knew in my mind that I was full and I didn’t need to eat that much because I was barely even moving and sitting around all day. So, I clearly didn’t need to eat that much.

 the reality is that we are  not accustomed to being at home for 24hrs a day not going out at all, not meeting any of our friends for such a long period of time, and I was clearly boredom eating and I needed to stop but I wasn’t able to

at this point I started thinking that can food be so addictive. Not in a funny sense addictive but in clinical symptoms sense addictive ?

well… it turns out that this food industry is very secretive about all this food being addictive and they spend thousands of dollars on making food more ( quote unquote)“appealing” to us. Addictive in brackets in scene

 They spend a lot of time in making sure that the ratio of three golden foods which are fats, sugar and salt is perfect.

Remember how it felt so comforting and nice after hitting your favourite brand and flavour of that ice cream or chips to your tongue ? it was manufactured to feel that way. Comment below what is your favourite binge eating snack and let’s see how many of us like junk food for binge eating.

They added flavour enhancers to make you taste the flavours which don’t even exist in their products.

They spent hours to perfect the crispiness of those chips to give you that exact feeling in your mouth and between your teeth when you chew it.

They make such perfect combinations of salt sugar and fat that you will keep craving their products and you just can’t help but eat more

These kinds of fat sugar and salt combinations don’t exist in nature because it is not healthy for your body. And makes replacing these processed foods with natural foods alternatives that much more difficult.

On top of everything they are easy to find anywhere, they have a lot of shelf life and they are made so convenient to eat and buy and carry everywhere. All these things are like add ones on these foods being addictive.

Our ancestors only ate foods which were available in nature and hence, reward sensors in our brain are designed that way. Hence whenever food we eat which is high in sugar salt and fat, we feel good cause activity in our brain’s reward sensor is increased and a feel-good chemical named dopamine is released.

After a while our brain needs more amount of food to release the same amount of dopamine. And we start eating more and more of that food and this starts turning into a vicious cycle of food addiction. Many people are diagnosed by this disorder medically, I said that just to clear out to people who are going to say that food addiction is not real.

So, to deal with binge eating habit for myself I just simply started working out like I used to. This acts like a habit cue to me whenever I work out, I end up doing healthier things all day.

I also reduced munching and snacking in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if I do snack, I take just a small portion of it in a plate rather than eating the whole thing out of the bag. Now I know these tips sound very basic and have nothing over there is nothing fancy in here but sometimes little things make big changes.

I am not saying that I have full control over it but I am taking baby steps to stop my habit of binge eating. And these three simple steps have helped me a lot towards overcoming that habit.



12 thoughts on “Why are some foods addictive ?

    1. Omg I love ice cream too I can eat an entire family pack in one sitting 😂
      Ya that’s true junk food is the real culprit

  1. Great post, TuTu. I make a distinction between what’s addictive Foods versus foods I crave. Reese’s Pieces = OH BOIY addictive. Can’t just have just one. Then, there are times I crave something. I listen to my body, and I associate zero shame or guilt with cravings. Cravings are my body requesting a deposit in the bank account of x y or z nutrient. For example I’ll start craving broccoli. That typically means my calcium level is low. I eat some brocolli over several days, and the craving diminishes to disappear. If I get a coppery taste in my mouth when drinking water, I’m most likely needing copper, zinc, or magnesium — and yes that’s a symptom of larger things (liver, heart) though I’ve had blood work done recently, and all the tettins were dead on and it just came out that I was a bit B12 deficient. So, I add B12 to my Oregano oils and rosemary supplements and POOF, there’s where my energy was being zapped, and then I crave a steak or peanuts meaning protein protein protein.

    What I really resonate about with your post is the rhythms and cycles you took us through. Keeping everything fresh in life is just as important as putting fresh things in our bodies. My “addiction rationalization” with Reese’s Pieces is, “nahhhh, not bad.THe amount of endorphins released from the joy of experiencing them cancels out the adverse effects. It’s gotta be a wash.” I’m pretty sure it’s no where near a wash, though I’ll take the smiles from Reese’s Pieces or any kind of ice cream with caramel in it. 🙂

    Again, great post.

    1. Hey thank you so much for writing such a detailed comment
      I get what you want to say
      And the thing is that you said about broccoli is something I didn’t think of and you’re very right about it .
      But natural foods can’t be addictive because they give you a sense of satiety after eating which junk foods don’t.
      So you tend to eat a lot of junk foods while you tend to eat broccoli in small portions.
      So what I wanted to say is that junk food is designed in a way so over eat and these companies make a lot of money out of it.
      What you said about your favourite treats about not being guilty is good for you but again as much as you eat these companies make a lot of money cause we keep craving and we keep buying their stuff more and more.

      1. Thanks Tutu. We’re completely on the same page. The broccoli and calcium was about craving not addiction. And, my joke with junk food is, “WHOAH you can’t whip that up at home. That’s expert skill in lab work!” 🙂

        Every couple of months I’ll do junk food just to show my body that “That’s not food. Tastes wickedly delicious but from a hypnotized perspective.” I tend to punch my body in the gut every once in a while just to keep it present and me on my toes.

      2. 🙂 Thanks much. Plus, you really can’t make that stuff at home unless your home is the Salk Institute or similar. You hit the nail on the head. SO many chemicals and alchemies and this and that and those and these and… there’s no more room for the food in processed food.

        Like Velveeta. The box says “Processed Cheese Food.” You know? If you have to tell me it’s food, there’s no chance it really is. 🙂

        Here’s an interesting one. I had a girlfriend years back whose son called McDonald’s fries Lard Sticks. “Wow, THAT certainly fits. Nice titling job.” He came back with, “Hey, can we do an experiment?” “Depends, what do you have in mind?” “Well, it’s a surprise, to me, too. I just wanna see. Will you just help me out and go with it.” I figured he was up to a grand prank on me, and those are to be fully supported 🙂 OR, and this was actually the case, some idea had given him and ear worm, and his interest and curiosity made it worth exploring.

        So, off we were in the car. 1st stop? McDonalds. “Only get fries, just one order.” Got ‘em. Next stop? Burger King. Again, “Only get fries, just one order.” Got ‘em. “All right, let’s get back home.”

        We get back home and I follow him out to the garden near where some cool black ants have made their mini-mountain. He lays down 3 McDonald’s fries on the left, 3 Burger King fries on the right. We hang out a bit talking, and he goes, “Well, let’s go eat some real food and then come back and see.” So, we made some sandwiches and hung out. A couple of hours later we go check on his experiment. 2 of the Burger King fries were in the process of disappearing. The McDonald’s fries? No change whatsoever. Later that day, the Burger King fries were all gone possibly indicating there were trace amounts of actual potato in them. The McDonald’s fries? Still untouched. “Lard Sticks.” The name still sticks, deep fried lard, zero food.

      3. Hehe such an innovative experiment.
        Your son sounds like a fun little boy to be around 😀.
        That is why I love our indian method of making salads we just put our beloved tadka on a bunch uncooked veggies and some yogurt on it. What this does is that is everyone ends up eating healthy without even realising and everyone loves it 😄.

      4. Oh, it was her son. He had a great noggin’ and wickedly wonderful sense of humor. 🙂

        I really like that kind of salad. Tadka on fresh veggies with some yogurt. It tastes so good, no one even thinks about it. Healthy doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Especially with food. Taste nourishes the soul, food nourishes the body.

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